Adult Programs

Who says learning about finances or finding a new job has to be dull and boring? At Skills 4 Living, we offer interactive workshops and one-on-one coaching to help people reach their personal financial dreams. Our programs are rigorous, effective, and objective, with many of our clients increasing their income and/or assets by 20% or more in 1 year. The best part – all of our programs are FREE.

We offer several different types of services:

Interactive Workshops

Skills 4 Living has developed several interactive workshops designed to increase financial awareness.  Each workshop can be customized to your population’s need and time constraints.  Below is a sample of the programs we offer:

What You Don’t Know Will Cost You – Who will have more money in the end, you or the Bank of Ripoff?  Participants match financial wits against the Bank of Ripoff using increasingly difficult financial questions.  Don’t make a wrong financial decision or the fees will get you!

Credit Report Bingo – Using a real credit report, participants must find the answers to the clues – BINGO style.  Along the way, participants are encouraged to ask questions regarding their own credit (mis)conceptions or share stories.

Represent Yourself! – Imagine if you were in an elevator with the person who could make your career or financial dreams come true.  Could you make your point before the doors open and that person slips out of your life?  Participants learn to craft a powerful 30-second elevator pitch.

How to Achieve Your Financial Dreams – Let’s face it, we have all set financial goals that were not achieved.  How to Achieve Your Financial Dreams is about financial goal setting.  It assists participants in setting realistic and achievable goals and action steps.


“Kick Your…” Series

Kick Your Career Into Shape, Kick Your Finances Into Shape, and Kick Your Assets Into Shape  make up our “Kick Your….” Series.  Each interactive workshop is 24-27 hours, and we offer classes around Houston with community partners.  Classes are held during the day, evening, and on weekends. 

Our “Kick Your….” Series consists of three modules called Kick Your Career Into Shape, Kick Your Finances Into Shape, and Kick Your Assets Into Shape.  Each module is 24-27 hours and is in conjunction with partners throughout the greater Houston area.  Depending on location preference, workshops may be during the day, in the evening, or on weekends.  All classes are FREE.

Kick Your Career Into Shape teaches participants how to determine what they are worth to an employer and how to communicate that in a job search or career move using elevator pitches, resumes, and interviewing strategies.  This module also focuses on the most common pitfalls in a job search.  The goal of this program is for participants to find a new or better job, increasing their income by at least 20% in a year.

Kick Your Finances Into Shape focuses on making better financial decisions.  Participants learn how to keep more of the money they make through better credit and banking relationships, managing tax obligations, taking advantage of workplace benefits, and avoiding financial traps.

Kick Your Assets Into Shape covers basic financial planning – buying major assets like a car or home, protecting oneself and one’s family with the right kind of insurance and a will, understanding investment options, and creating a plan for one’s financial future.